Provide a record for the next generation

You are the one with memories, with your memories. You are unique, your perspective is fresh. Write what you know, what you feel.

Here are a few questions that can prompt your personal history.
  • Where did you grow up? What is the first thing you picture about that place? Who do you think of as closely connected to the place?
  • What was your home like? How many rooms? Describe your picture of yourself there.
  • Who were your neighbors? Describe what you did with your neighbors.
  • How long did your family live in the area(s)? What do you remember about moving from one place to the next?
  • How many siblings did you have? What were their names and when were they born? What do you remember about them when you were children?
  • How are your siblings different now from their childhood?
  • Who were other family members in the area? Describe where they lived.
  • Did you live on a farm? What kind of crops were grown? What do you remember about working with the crops? 
  • What kind of livestock or other animals did you keep? 
  • Did you have any pets?
  • Where did you go to school? Who were some of your classmates?

Your next assignment: use the questions to record the memories of your partner, your parents, your friends.

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