Hannibal to St. Joseph, Missouri Railway

In resettling from Minnesota to Kansas, the Reinert family may have taken a paddlewheeler down the Mississippi River to Hannibal, Missouri. There they might have transferred to a new railway system that took them to St. Joseph, which sits opposite Kansas on the Missouri River.
Missouri railways 1874

The counties they would pass through from east to west are
Marion county through its Mason, Miller, Liberty, South River, and Warren townships

Ralls county through its Clay and Saline townships.

Monroe county through its Monroe township.
Shelby county through its Jackson, Salt River, Jefferson, and Gray townships

Macon county through its Round Grive, Hudson, Bevier, Callao, and Lingo townships

Linn county through its Bucklin, Yellow Creek, Brookfield, Jefferson, and Parsons Creek townships

Livingston (Chillicothe)
through its townships

Caldwell county through its Breckinridge, Gomer, Hamilton, and Kidder townships at the edge of Daviess county to the north 

DeKalb county through its Grand River, Colfax, and Washington townships (to the north) and Clinton county (to the south) through its Shoal, Platte, and Lafayette townships

Buchanan county through its Marion and Washington townships

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