Butler family photos

I have these photos (mostly of my maternal grandmother's family) that I hope to identify with a date and subject. If you have corrections or additions for any information, please leave a comment on this page or contact me directly at tgkohn@aol.com.

Tombstone, John Butler (1801-1873)
John Butler tombstone, St. Mary of the Lake, southeast of Waunakee WI. In 2001, this tombstone was nearly covered over with 6 inches of sod. I've been told the tombstone was replaced or reinstated afterward.

Unknown Butler grandmother and baby, perhaps 1950s.

Richard Butler home, near Waunakee WI.
Richard Butler home, 1.5 mi southwest of Waunakee WI. Richard built his home some time after he was deeded the land by his father in 1859. The home existed in 2001, set back about one quarter mile east from the paved road.

Richard Butler farm, near Glasco KS.
Richard Butler farm, about 4 mi west of Glasco KS.

11 Two children, about ages 2 years and 6 months. The card holder has "Schaeffer?" inscribed.

12a. Boy age about 8 in white trousers, white shirt, black bow tie, and holding a rosary and small book. Likely a first communion photograph.

12b. Boy about age 8 in white suit and white sailor cap, holding a white tube or rolled diploma. Likely the same photo session as 12a. The card photo holder is marked "The Reflex Studio Beloit."

13a. Woman with bright eyes and tightly curled hair, wearing a black gown with broad white collar and black satin bow, about age 22. The card photo holder is marked "Evelyn Butler" with no other identification.

13b. Man with bright eyes and straight, thin hair, very faint moustache, wearing a woolen edge-trimmed three-piece suit, two-tone cravatte, and gold pocket watch on chain. The photo margin reads "Jean Honey, Art Studio, Beloit, Kans."

14 Not yet certain if the photo (right) or the text on the reverse (below) holds genealogical information. Cousin Katie M. (a daughter of William Clark) says, "#14 I am sure is Dorothy Peterson, Gray."

Visible text below the photograph reads, "a former resident of Kansas City, Kansas, ...was announced today. ...married September 5 to Mr. Clarence Gray." Perhaps the photo is of Dorothy M Peterson (b. 1914.10.03), the daughter of Mary Forendo Clark (1893-1924) and Arthur Peterson and the grand daughter of Mary Ann Butler (1866-1939) and Ecles Leslie Joseph Clark (1868-1944).
The text on reverse lists members of several committees in the first story, announces the officiants of a Methodist church service in the second story, announces a meeting of the Bethany hospital guild in the third story, and announces a class meeting of the Central Christian church.

Images 18a, 18b, and 18c.
18a. Photo notation: "Harold Deneke, Joe Deneke son." Harold R. Deneke (1920-1999) was born in the Beloit area and died in Washington OR. His parents are Joseph F. Deneke (1884-1945 or 1957) and Margaret E. Witt (estimated dates 1901-1975), who were married at St. John's in Beloit and moved to Mt. Angel OR.


18c. Photo notation: "Mary Edgett."

Images 19a, 19b, and 19c.
19a. Photo notation: "Pearl Whitaker Sweet" and studio mark "Leo Stern, 1118 Grand Ave., Kansas City MO."

19b. Photo notation: "Evelyn Butler. ...man Gale, York Aurora."


Images 20a, 20b, and 30c.
20a. Photo notation: "Aunt Sadie Butler."

20b. Photo notation: "James Clark, son of Wm J. Clark."

20c. Photo notation: "1-S. 1-E. 1-J. 1 of Uncle Jim Butler's girls" and studio mark "The Reflex Kodak Finishers, Beloit Kansas."

Images 21a, 21b, and 21c.

Images 22a and 22b,
22a. Photo notation: "Louise Kohn."

22b. Photo notation: "1. Joe Downey, 2., 3. Pete Deneke, 4. Aunt Ella Downy, 5. Henry (Grandpa Deneke), 6., 7., 8. Leo Deneke, 9." Who is the photographer?

Images 23a, 23b, and 23c.

Images 24a, 24b, and 24c.
24a. Louise Deneke at graduation from St. John High School.

24b. Leo Francis Deneke (1919-1992), date unknown, about age 20.

24c. Infant, unknown.

Images 25a and 25b,



Images 28a and 28b.

Images 29a, 29b, and 29c.

Images 30a, 30b, 30c, and 30d.

Images 31a, 31b, and 31c.



Images 32a, 32b, and 32c.



Images 33a and 33b.

Images 34a and 34b.

Images 37a, 37b, and 37c.

Images 38a and 38b.


Images 42a and 42b,

42b. Henry Eugene Deneke (1878-1960), Louise, Tommy, Jimmy. Who is the photographer?

Image 43.

45. Richard Butler homestead, 1.45 mile south of Waunakee WI on Simon Crestway (a new street). Originally, the home was about 1/10 mile east of Dane County Highway Q. GPS coordinates 43° 10'17.12° N, 89° 27'32.99° W.

45a is from the south side and shows the addition of the 1960s.

45b from the east.


46. Richard Butler homestead, near Waunakee WI, front.

47. John Butler tombstone St. Mary of the Lake cemetery, Westport (near Waunakee WI). GPS coordinates:  43° 9'17.98"N,  89°25'18.43"W.

47a shows approximate location.

47b shows inscription.



Images 53a and 53b,
53. Photo notation: "Lizzie Pilcher" in left border, "Anna Butler" in right border, and in bottom border "Agnes Clark, Mary Clark, Kate Butler." Who is the photographer?

See details for Mary at photo 54a, Lizzie and Anna at photo 54b, and Kate in both 54a and 54b.

Agnes—Thresa Agnes—Clark (1900-1988) seems to be about age 12. Her age roughly corroborates the dating of photo 54a, which has many similarities in matting and color. Agnes married William Richard Prochaska (1897-1992) in the Glasco area on 1919.11.26. They lived in Cloud county and raised a family of four children: Harold William Prochaska (1920-2001), Maxine Marie Prochaska (1922-1924), Max Prochaska (1926-), and Neal Prochaska (1928-).

Images 54a and 54b.
54a. Photo notation, on front border: "Aunt Kate Bulter, Clarks from Glasco." Who is the photographer?

54b. Photo notation, on back: "Kate, Lizzie, Anna Butler." Who is the photographer?

Kate—full name Catherine B.—Butler (1870-1952) was the fifth child of Richard and Mary Ellen Butler. Kate was a Glasco teacher, postmaster, and housekeeper for the Catholic priest. She was born on the farm near Waunakee WI, moved with her parents to their farm west of Glasco, and lived in town and in Delphos KS when she became self-sufficient. By 1947 at age 77, she lived in Concordia.

The "Clarks from Glasco" must have included my mother's aunt Mary Ann Butler (1866-1939), her husband Ecles Leslie Joseph Clark (1868-1944), and several of their children: Mary Forendo Clark (1893-1924), William Richard Clark (1895-1967), Joseph Henry Clark (1897-1977), Thomas Francis Clark (1899-1965), Thresa Agnes Clark (1900-1988), Catherine Gertrude Clark (1903-1995), Margaret Ellen Clark (1906-1980?), and Julia Frances Clark (1908-1988). The photo includes Aunt Kate (back left), four women beside her in the back row, two young girls (middle row), and two boys (foreground). If Ecles Clark is the photographer, the full Clark family is missing one son. The youngest child appears to be about 7 years old, which might date the photo in 1915.

Lizzie—Elizabeth Gertrude—Butler (1885-1957) was the youngest child of Richard and Mary Ellen Butler. She married Hal Pilcher (1882-1953) on 1905.10.02 and had 15 children, of whom at least 3 died in infancy. and she raised the family in or near Delphos KS.

Anna—Anastasia L.—Butler (1875-1933) was the seventh child of Richard and Mary Ellen Butler. Anna was born on the farm near Waunakee WI, moved with her parents to their farm west of Glasco, and married Henry Deneke in Glasco KS on 1908.10.07.


Image 68.

Image 69.

Images 70a, 70b, and 70c.

Images 71a ...

Images 72a and 72b,
Images 72a reverse and 72b,

Images 73a ...

Images 74a, 74b, 74c, 74d, 74e, and 74f.

Images 75a, 75b, and 75c.

Images 76a, 76b, 76c, and 76d.

Images 77a, 77b, and 77c.

Images 78a, 78b, 78c, and 78d.

Images 79a and 79b,

Images 80a, 80b, and 80c.

Images 81a, 81b, 81c, and 81d.

Images 82a, 82b, and 82c.

Images 83a, 83b, 83c, and 83d.

Images 84a, 84b, 84c, and 84d.

Images 85a, 85b, 85c, and 85d.

Images 86a ...

Images 87a, 87b, and 87c.
87a. ?

87b. ?

87c. Leo Francis Deneke (1919-1992), Math, Louise, Henry Eugene Deneke (1878-1960). Children l-r: ??, Jimmy, Tommy (in arms).

Images 88a, 88b, 88c, and 88d.


88c. Sr. Henrita (Cecelia Genevieve) Deneke (1915-2002), Louise


Images 89a and 89b.

89b. Pete, Louise, Sr. Henrita (Cecelia Genevieve) Deneke (1915-2002), Leo Francis Deneke (1919-1992), and Agnes

Images 90a ...
90a. Edgett-Marksman wedding? The couple is the same as in photos 16b and 17b.

Images 91a, 91b, 91c, and 91d.
91a. Nora and Sr. Henrita (Cecelia Genevieve) Deneke (1915-2002).

91b. Louise and ?


91d.  Sr. Henrita (Cecelia Genevieve) Deneke (1915-2002) and her father Henry Eugene Deneke (1878-1960).

Images 92a, 92b, 92c, and 92d.

Images 93a ...





93f. Edgett-Marksman wedding? The couple is the same as in photos 16b and 17b.


Images 94a ...

Images 95a, 95b, 95c, and 95d.


95c. Four women.

95d. Roadster.

Images 96a, 96b, and 96c.
96a. Harvest time.

96b. Annunciation church in Frankfort KS?

96c. Unknown.

Images 97a, 97b, 97c, 97d, 97e, and 97f.

97b. Harvest

97c. Edgett-Marksman wedding? The couple is the same as in photos 16b and 17b.




Images 98a, 98b, and 98c.
98a. Two women.

98b. Three young women.

98c. Mixed group of adults.

Images 99a, 99b, 99c, 99d, 99e, and 99f.
99a. Three women

99b. Two women.

99c. Four women.

99d. Woman.


99f. Woman.


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