The Family of John Iacano and Angelina Russo Femminella

The Family of John Iacano and Angelina Russo Femminella

My husband's parents are Rose Mary Iacano (1916-1976) and Charles Derry (1908-1974). Rose was the second oldest child in her family of seven brothers and sisters:
  • Frances Eleanor "Frannie" Iacano-Ventura (1915-2002)
  • Rose
  • Frank J. Iacano (1918-1994)
  • James J. "Jimmy" Iacano (1920-1972)
  • Giovanna Helen "Jennie" Iacano (1921-2008)
  • John B. "Johnny" Iacano (1923-1991)
  • Joseph Sam Iacano (1926-1945)
  • Gaetana "Tannie" Iacano-Cosiano (b. 1936). 
All these family were born in Cleveland, Ohio. Their parents, John Iacano (1882-1944) and Angelina Russo Femminella (1895-1940), were both born in Sicily, Italy.

Family stories relate that John emigrated some ten years before his marriage, and that he went back to Sicily to meet and accompany Angelina to the U.S. or provided for the travel with a family member. However, the presence of her family in the 1920 Census may argue against the stories; they may have met in Cleveland.

Photos and Documents

Here are a few photos and documents, generally from most recent to oldest. The descriptions of photos are tentative, and I hope family members can help provide corrections.

Rose and Charles Derry, about 1952, possibly in Mount Prospect or in Aunt Frannie's home on 114th Street. There may be another contemporaneous photo that shows the time to be Christmas. In Rose's lap is either a doll or a Christ child from a nativity crĂȘche.
Rose with four children:
perhaps Joey Flauto, Jimmie Ventura, Johnnie Ventura, Chuckie Derry?
or Joey, Frankie Flauto, Jimmie Ventura, and Johnnie Ventura?
or Joey Flauto, Frank Flauto or Big Johnnie, Jimmie Ventura, and Johnnie Ventura?
Six girls in the 1940s: Jo DeMarco, Jennie Iacano-Flauto, Tillie Feranda or DeeDee Harris, Rose Iacano-Derry; front row: Nancy DeMarco?, Aunt Sara Ferone?.Of interest is the similar clothing for Jo and Jennie, Tillie/DeeDee and Rose, and Nancy and Sara.
Jennie and possibly her grandmother, perhaps Cumari Maria or Nancy and Josie's mother, or one of Jennie's aunts.
Rose at her home or else she might be visiting someone who lives in public housing.

Joe Sam Iacano in class picture from Army basic training, 1944.

Rose and Tony Calire, back yard of somewhere on East 114th Street.

Rose about 18 at her high school graduation, on the side of the home at 114th Street.
Jennie's wedding day (27 June 1942) and "Little Nana," but Chuck is unsure whether she is the maternal grandmother or paternal grandmother.

Grandparents' 1940 census entry, which enumerates them at the same street but at a different address, 3473 East 114th Street, Cleveland. Aunt Frannie has already married and moved out, and the family consists of John (age 59), Angela (44), Rose (23), Jenny (19, the respondent who was listed first), Frank (21), Jimmy (20), John (14), Joe (13), and Gaetana (3).

Rose Iacano graduation photo, about 1933.

Grandparents' 1930 census entry at 2565 East 114th Street, Cleveland. The family consists of the members John (age 49), Angelina (36), Frances (17), Rose (13), Frank (11), Jim (10), Jennie (8), and John (6). The youngest son, Joe (4) is enumerated on the next census page.

Rose's first communion, about 1924. or Frannie's first communion, about 1923.

Grandparents' 1920 census entry. Though the census enumerator wrote the family name as "Yadino," the given names and ages corroborate well to the John Iacano family at this time. As well, the Orange Avenue address is corroborated by other documents.

Note that Angelina Russo-Iacano's parents and siblings are enumerated only a few lines later.

Grandparents' wedding photo, 1914: Giovanni (John) Iacano (1882-1944) and Angela (Angelina) Russo Femminella (1895-1940), .
Grandparents' marriage certificate. The marriage was performed by E. Raia (or Raca) on 21 June 1914. The photos of the certificate do not include this date, which was provided in the returned marriage license. Perhaps the certificate identifies the church as well.
Giovanni Iacono's and Angela Russo's marriage license was issued 18 March 1914, and it documents their (joint) address as 1435 Orange Avenue, Giovanni's age 30, and Angela's age 18. Their parents are Francesco Iacono and Francesca "Roetta" [should be Rovetta] for Giovanni and Vincenzo Russo Femminela and Rosa Blogna for Angela.

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