Research trip journal, day 11

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I drove due south from Osborne to reach I-70 as soon as possible. The route was nice via KS 281 to Luray, KS 18 for a few miles to Lucas, and then a scenic highway across Wilson Dam to the interstate. The entire leg took 2.5 hours. (I was expecting a drive time of 1.5 hours!)

Millie Corbett-Fink Interview

The interview with Millie Fink was more an introduction to each other, since we've carried on an exchange of emails prior to this meeting. Millie is an active genealogist, though she confesses to doing her documentation and name entry to make it convenient to her needs. Perhaps, she advised, that the result is not in line with "established practice." To me, that is okay as an interim step, since many family history buffs barely write anything down.

I pulled out my audio recorder soon after sitting at her kitchen table. It's a good thing, since her information came like leaves falling in an autumn windstorm. Lots of isolated tidbits that eventually get pulled together into a bushel basket.

When I interviewed Fronnie Slothower, Millie's information was stressed as an important source of all the family detail that my database lacks. Millie was happy to work with me to create a GEDCOM from her data software... The name of the software escapes me, but it seemed to perform a good part of the functions of Legacy, which I use. The key was to export a GEDCOM, which the software seemed to hang on, after it had paced through all the individuals. Its progress screen didn't report processing marriages, locations, or sources. So I hope the result is complete.

More to come after I've checked the recording and the output file...

On to Leavenworth

The drive to Leavenworth was through stretches of I-70 that I knew well from traveling to and from KU. My phone connectivity was very poor, and messages I left for Paul Deneke and Joe Hyde were likely too garbled to be understandable. I tried to leave two each, hoping that some part of the drive had better connectivity.

I was arriving so late that I went directly to the Leavenworth Public Library instead of checking in at the Econolodge as I drove past it. I would have to retrace my path by about five miles to do so.

I researched the Leavenworth City Directories and found five or more addresses for the family from 1879 through 1918. I photographed them all, opening to pages for "Cohn," "Cone," Kone," "Kohn," "Krohn," and "Kuhn" to make sure that typical misspellings were available for later review. Before she left a bit after 5:00 p.m., the librarian brought several other books with indexes to marriages, deaths, and burials. She said the birth indexes were online and at the courthouse. The marriage index at the library showed Gertrude Kohn's marriage. The death index and burial index may help me find the graves for the family in Mount Calvary cemetery. I finished by 8:30 with photographs of the relevant index entries, a half hour before the library was to close.

After a passable Thai meal downtown, I spent the evening at the hotel identifying the files. Unfortunately the internet connection in the motel was unavailable throughout the evening. I had not printed any materials in advance, so an online connection was critical here. When I called the front desk about the connection, I was assured the internet would be available by the morning. I woke at 4:00 a.m., found the wireless could not connect, complained again, and was given a tech support number. The service set up an exception for my computer so I could pass through the firewall, whether it was theirs or mine. With that, I was able to plan my drive through the city to photograph homes and churches, as well as to plan alternative routes for the drive home.

Chronology of the Leavenworth Kohn Family

The Michael Kohn family did not have a happy time in Leavenworth. He continued to work as a carpenter, and one son followed the same occupation.

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