Research trip journal, day 5

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I visited St. John's parish office, where I was told that the policy was unbending, that parish registers were not open for viewing. I would have to send my request for records, and the office staff would make a transcription of the register entries that they find. Lucky for them, I have only one hundred thirty-seven requests. (The baptismal entry shown here is from a Catholic parish register in Igel, Germany, which documents the baptism of one of the Reinert emigrés to America. The entire parish registers from about 1750 through 1920 are available as microfilm, and more recent registers are being microfilmed even now. So much for the American Catholics holding their old records so close to the chest.)

Opening document, probate file 4001 (Anna T. Deneke)
I then resumed work in the Clerk of District Court offices, photographing probate files of interest to my work. Files I photographed or reviewed were for the estates of Mary Deneke, George Deneke, Tony Deneke, Anna F. Deneke, Anna Deneke, Martin Butler, L.L. Bulthaup, Ellen Butler (no relation), Ruth Butler (no relation), John H. Butler (no relation),Daisey E. Butler (no relation), Maggie Butler (no relation),Florence Butler (no relation), Martha Boberg (no relation), Mary Ellen Butler (no relation), Elizabeth Kohn, Vera May Kohn, Louise Kohn, Peter A. Streit, Dorothy and Christina Streit, Henry Streit Sr., Nick Streit, Frank Streit, E.M. Steichen, Anna K. Streit, Nick Gasper, Regina Gasper, Philip Gasper, Minnie E. Gillen (no relation).

Unfortunately I did not have time for photographing the files for the estates of the Deneke family (specifically Henry, Frank, Justina Helena, Willie, and Edwin L), the Butler family (Edward M), Boberg family (Anna, Henry), Lawrence E. Bulthaup, Helen C. Babb, Kohn family (Debra, John A.), Reinert family (Marie H., Peter A., Barbara, Anna M., Nikolaus, Margaret M., John N., Erma B., Wanda J., Joseph H., Fern O.), Steichen family (John, Dolorsa et al, Theresa), Streit family (Henry, George J., Conrad, Anna J., Catherine S , Gerard F., John H.), Gasper family (John P., Frank T., Mary S., Gertrude, E.G., Lawrence, Anton J., and Hilda), Gradig family (Adolph, Urban, Joseph, Margaret S.). So now I have a list for my next visit...

After the courthouse offices closed at 5:00 p.m., I went to South Mill Street, where the street dance was to be held. Everything was taken down; the party had been canceled because of rain. (Not a bad reason here in central Kansas, which has had fire hazard warnings.) I could hear the band for the event in the Eagles club, and I followed the sound. Inside were two classmates, Bear and Becky. We had a beer together as we talked. A guy came up to introduce himself—Jim Grotz—and ask about my brother Jim's present location and situation. I suggested to Bear and Becky that we head out for dinner, and we piled into Becky's car to go to a Tex-Mex restau at the edge of town. Before we finished our meal, two more friends showed up to join in the conversation, and we closed the evening at Charlotte's home.

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  1. Interesting observation about records being available in Igel Trier, Germany, and not so much in Beloit, Kansas. How was Tipton catholic church, I'm curious?

  2. Tom, Your research and documentation from 1750 to present on the Reinert family records (and all the others) is priceless. I know that you know how difficult it sometimes is, but hopefully others will recognize this also.