St. Boniface, Tipton KS Baptismal Register 03

Baptism Register 03

Note: This post has not been edited. Much more detail will be provided in the next week.

I began with a fairly recent baptismal register, reading the entries and photographing a page where I saw a relative's name. At Fr. Damian's suggestion, I stopped the photography around 1960 and at the time to break for lunch. "Baptism Register" has


Although the volume has a pre-printed set of alphabetic index pages, the pages are blank.

Register Entries

Each double-page spread is numbered with a page number at the top left. The right page is unnumberd. The spread has rules to guide writing the information into the columns of "No.," "Family name/Baptismal name," "Date of birth/Place of birth," "Date of baptism," "Father's name/Mother's maiden name," "Sponsors," "Priest," and "Record of confirmation, marriage, religious profession, or diaconate/Remarks." The number column is unused. Ten entries can be written on each double-page spread.

Typically, no locations are noted. It appears that married female sponsors are identified with the married name. The entries are generally legible and in a consistent hand through all priests identified. I infer that these entries were copied from another source. The copy dates from after 1984. A very small number of remarks are in another hand.

Register Period

The first entry (page 1) is on 1929.09.02. The last page I photographed was page 74, with its last entry dated 1955.12.17. The priests who officiated:
  • Charles Menig
  • P.J. Muller
  • Raymond Ryan
  • F. Riedel
  • George OSM Cap
  • Dennis Tarter
  • E. Coler
  • G. Blackwell
  • M.Dreiling
  • L. Wahlmeier
  • Wm. Butzer
  • E. Gallagher
  • H. Vogler
  • E.D. Weigel

The entries held a surprise for me: Some Kohn families who eventually lived some distance from Tipton had several baptisms performed at St. Boniface. It may be they resided nearby and later moved, or that they returned to Tipton for the baptism.

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