St. Boniface, Tipton KS Funeral Register 01

Funeral Register 01

Note: This post has not been edited. Much more detail will be provided in the next week.

The state of this register is alarming. The book was intended for use as a notebook in school, something quite inadequate for a register. Most pages are loose and torn at the fold of the saddle. Most pages are extremely worn at the edges. The paper is discolored, likely from use rather than a high acid content. The handwritten title reads "Liber Mortuorum Ecclesiae St Bonifacis Loco Tipton, Mitchell County Kansas 1884 to April 1914" (Book of funerals of St. Boniface church at Tipton, Mitchell County Kansas 1884 to April 1914).

The book has no Index. The pages have vertical rules for these column titles:
  • Date of death and burial
  • Name of person interred
  • Place of birth
  • Age
  • Desease [sic]
  • Priest
  • Cemetery
  • Omnibus sacrametis [sic] munitas

On subsequent pages, the last column has the title "Circumstances" or "Remarks."

The first entries are on the spread of pages 2-3 with 26 burial dates of 1884.05.13 through 1888.10.xx. The last entries are on the spread of pages 20-21 with 25 burial dates of 1911.09.27 through 1914.04.14. Pages 22 through 25 are missing or the pagination is faulty. Pages 26 through 101 are numbered but otherwise blank.

Not all entries on pages 2-3 are in chronological order. I infer that these first entries are not contemporaneous with the funerals, but perhaps the book is an attempt to list burials that occurred over several years and were listed on loose sheets.

Priests who officiated: Fred Schalk, Frank Schalk, Kunkler, Abel, Wenzel, Epps, Loehrer, Fiege, Lecouter, Walleser, Regensberger, Drees, Fox, Menig.

Special notes: I screwed up here, and did not verify the framing before I continued with photography. Thus, the left edge of the two-page spread is cut off. I did not check the images until arriving back in Dayton. Until I reshoot (years hence) or arrange a photocopy of the edge (doubtful), the images will have to remain as they are.

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