St. Boniface, Tipton KS Funeral Register 02

Funeral Register 02

Note: This post has not been edited. Much more detail will be provided in the next week.

This volume has no title on its cover. The condition of the register is very poor, and it needs to be rebound or placed in storage without use. The best treatment of this volume, as well as Funeral Register 01, is to place them in archival storage. Both volumes are perfect candidates for digitization to allow access and prevent further damage to the original.

The volume's covers are edged with adhesive plastic wrapping tape. Many pages have damage to the edges, and some pages are loose. The spine is broken or the folios have pulled free from the spine stitching. Its poor condition is second only to Funeral Register 01.

Untitled volume.    "Spine Title" Fragility, wear, appearance issues? Although an Index is provided, all pages are blank. Rules and column titles? Number of entries per page? Consistent lacks in information?

The first entry is dated 1914.02.03 on page numbered 1. The last entry is dated 2004.02.21 on page 172. Pages 173 through 200 are empty forms. This indicates that the volume has not been used for burials for ten years—a very good state, considering its condition.

Priests who officiated?

Special notes?

I finished photography by 4 p.m., and called Carolyn Ellenz to meet at the Tipton museum.

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