Josef Mergen, German emigration researcher

For a long time I've depended on the research of Josef Mergen, who researched emigrations from Germany. His primary research occurred at the Landesarchiven (state libraries) of Koblenz and other cities, in which he reviewed records of the Prussian empire that allowed emigration to its citizens.

His publications listed by WorldCat, which may list some duplicates under similar titles, include:

Die Auswanderungen aus den ehemals preussischen Teilen des Saarlandes im 19. Jahrhundert (1973 Book)



Die Amerika-Auswanderung aus dem Amt Neumagen." In Heimatkalender fuer den Kreis Bernkastel (1956)

Emigration to America from the District of Trier (Germany) during the 19th century; Amerika - Auswandrung aus dem Regierungsbezirk Trier im 19 ten Jahrhundert (1958 Book, compiled by Josef Mergen, arranged and transcribed by Maria Cremer). This book is available from the LDS Family History Library as film 0286173. The book contains an introduction by Dr. Cremer and five volumes:
  • Volume 1, a list of emigrées in alphabetic order, A through E.
  • Volume 2, a list of emigrées in alphabetic order, F through K.
  • Volume 3, a list of emigrées in alphabetic order, L through P.
  • Volume 4, a list of emigrées in alphabetic order, R through T.
  • Volume 5, a list of emigrées in alphabetic order, U through Z. 

I believe Mergen died in the 1960s, and it may be that his biographical data include:

Birth: 28 November 1844 in Lauterbach, Völklingen, LK Stadtverband Saarbrücken, Saarland, DEU [Source, not certainly the correct "Josef Mergen"]
Marriage: 11 August 1908 in  Freyming-Merlebach, Moselle, Lorraine, FR
Death: unknown

One document dealt with emigrations from the area around Trier (western Rheinland-Pfalz). I have posted a scan of its incomplete contents as a PDF on Scribd.com:
Amerikaauswanderungen aus dem Landkreise Trier Rheinland 1855-1910.

Another document compiles much of his research for the region of Trier into a five-volume list. This work is available from the Family History Library as separate PDFs. I have merged the five into one searchable PDF on Scribd.com:
Emigration to America from the area of Trier, Rheinland-Pfalz in the 19th C.

Consult "Links" at the top right side of my blog page for other publications available on Scribd.com.

Thomas Kohn, 20160704


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